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Business Challenges

While operating since 2006, Payworld had grew steadily. In 2015, not only the thin margins of the businesses required a significant improvement in operational efficiency through process automation, but also legacy technology platform was hurting the scale of business in the light of increasing competition. Considering the complexity of current and prospective businesses, Payworld decided for a complete technology transformation to a new age agile, scalable and secure platform.

Key Challenges were

  • Legacy Technology Platform (Monolith and Old Tech Stack).
  • Agility and Flexibility in an existing platform.
  • Operational Inefficiencies and platform instability.
  • Limited technology team capacity and capabilities.
  • On-Premises Infrastructure was difficult to scale and manage.

Business Objectives

The Technology Transformation journey of Payworld was initiated with the following objectives in mind

  • Building New-Age, Agile and Scalable Digital Platform and migrating existing business to the New Platform without disturbing the running operations.
  • Business Process Automation to drive efficiencies.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making through Deep-insights
  • Platform readiness for future growth and business requirements, including new-age implementations like Blockchain.

How we used Product Engineering

The Technology Transformation journey of Payworld was significant mix of new system development and refactoring of existing systems.

Design Approach
  • Architecting the Technology Transformation journey for new development and new initiatives
  • Breaking existing Monolith and by parts Microservices Development and Cloud Deployment
  • Strengthened Tech Team with CLIPS culture and continued to manage Tech Team
  • Introduced New Processes and Learning Culture
Platform Development
& Transformation
  • New-Age POS Application on PC-Web and Mobile App, with exceptional experience design
  • Retailer On-Boarding and Account Setup, eKYC, Plan Purchase and Account Activation.
  • Complete New Product Engines like Digital Wallet, Payment Utility, Micro Banking & AEPS, Insurance, Cashout, Investments, Loans with 100+ third-party integrations
  • Comprehensive Backoffice Admin Panel
Implementation -
Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Continuous Re-architecting for By-Parts migration of system modules from On-Premises physical servers to AWS-based Cloud Environment
  • Data Migration
  • Continuous Cost Optimization for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Built CI / CD Pipeline for Automation
  • Used New Age Serverless Cloud Services to get best of both worlds

While the initial Technology Transformation Journey continued between 24 - 30 months, continuous improvement
and development of new modules continued for 6+ years.

The Results

  • Major Technology Transformation from Legacy Monolith and On-Premises Environment to Highly Distributed Cloud-First System on New Technology Stack.
  • Retailer on-boarding and Service activation time reduced from 2 weeks to 15 minutes.
  • Operational efficiencies through new system allowed Payworld to reduce its physical 23 branch offices to 3 branches in India, thereby automating and centralized management of many business processes.
  • Disruption-free Technology Transformation resulted in 250% growth in business initial two years. Continued engagement of further Tech Refinements, New Systems Development, and continued to 15x growth of the business in five years thereafter.
  • Helped Payworld establish a strong Technology Team.

What our clients think about us.


Abhishek and the team helped us reach a major technological transformation from using a legacy platform to a new-age agile and highly scalable platform. The team enhanced our operational efficiencies by automating & centralising management of many business processes which resulted in 15x growth of business in five years.


Praveen Dhabhai

COO, Payworld