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Business Challenges

Being one of the largest financing services companies in India with a large retail presence, optimizing its retail-product mapping, refining retailer lifecycle management and maximizing returns have always been the top priority of Payworld. The major challenge that Payworld struggled with was that the standard reports of its legacy system were unable to serve Payworld's goals through deeper data insights.

Business Objectives

With long-term data-driven scaling and decision-making for Payworld, it initiated its data strategy to achieve

  • Building New-Age, Agile and Scalable Digital Platform and migrating existing business to the New Platform without disturbing the running operations.
  • Business Process Automation to drive efficiencies.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making through Deep-insights
  • Platform readiness for future growth and business requirements, including new-age implementations like Blockchain.

How we used Data Analytics & AI solutions

Our experts worked with the Payworld team to set up their Data Strategy and Engineered the data with a long-term objective in mind. The first stage of the data strategy was to deep-dive Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Insights.

After thorough research of the issues, the loopholes faced and keeping a stringent check to get the desired results, our team of experts implemented the following actions and reached the desired results.

Retailer Lifecycle Analysis
and Management
  • Acquiring a retail touch point and retaining the retailer is critical to Payworld’s business. Therefore managing each lifecycle stage of a retailer since onboarding is critical to avoid retailer churning and de-activation. Triggering action items for retailer management and field executive teams in real time was very critical.
Retailer Segmentation and
Inter-Segment Migration Analysis
  • Segments and Microsegments of retailer data through various defined and dynamic clustering analyses were required to identify the best communication and promotional schemes for the retailers. More so, an inter-segment migration also helped Payworld understand the upward/downward activity trends of retailers.
Retailer - Consumer
Stickiness Analysis
  • Services quality and customer satisfaction are measured through a retailer–consumer stickiness analysis. Not only did this lead to identifying various training needs of retailers but directly increased sales of retailers.
Future Proof -
Data Engineering
  • Future readiness for data-driven scaling and decision-making was executed through a real-time data pipeline from multiple microservices, efficient data stores and a data lake over the cloud.

The Results

  • The solutions offered resulted in increased retailer retention and improved LTV from each retailer.
  • The solutions offered resulted in increased retailer retention and improved LTV from each retailer.
  • These solutions also caused better product-retailer mapping.
  • With the help of the mapping, the field executives and on-ground sales teams of Payworld could be informed about the bright/dark spots of such a large-scale retail operation.

What our clients think about us.


Abhishek led a team of data engineers that targeted our key challenges exceptionally. The team deep-dived insights for us making it easier for us to understand and leverage most of our retailer network. They offered real-time insights and automated the operations which resulted in increased ROI.


Mitul Damani

Director, Payworld